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Introducing the Ultimate Fighters Display Team

Ultimate Warbird Flights are proud to introduce an incredible new warbird display team, the Ultimate Flighters.

A new display act hits the airshow circuit in the form of 4 iconic World War Two fighter aircraft from the Ultimate Warbird Flights stable.

Echoing the memorable displays of the Brietling Figthers and Horsemen Display Team, this unique display features 4 of the most famous aircraft to take to the skies.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc EE602

The Legendary Spitfire is one of the most instantly recognisable aircraft designed thanks to its famous elliptical wing and the unmistakable sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine.

Spitfire Flights are available with Ultimate Warbird Flights from Sywell Aerodrome.  

North American P-51D Mustang

Known as the 'Cadillac of the skies' the Mustang deveopled from an underperforming design into one of the most effective fighter aircraft of World War II. 'Contrary Mary' is the only 2 seat dual control P-51 in the UK and is also available for flight experiences with Ultimate Warbird Flights.

Hispano Buchon 'White 9'

The Buchon is a Merlin powered development of the famed ME109, arch adversary of the Spitfire and Hurricane during the Battle of Britain. 

'White 9'  goes head to head with the Spitfire during their section of the display and features its own smoke system. 

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 'The Jug'

The largest and heaviest fighter aircraft developed during the war, the Thunderbolt quickly earned a formidable reputation as a long range fighter escort. Being capable of absorbing a huge amount of damage it also became a highly successful ground attack aircraft.  

Flown by some of the most experienced warbird pilots in the industry, the Ultimate Fighters are sure to wow at airshows up and down the country. Check out the website for more information and where you can see the team in action. 


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