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25 minute Spitfire Flight from Sywell

Supermarine Spitfire flight from Sywell Aerodrome. 35 minute experience with 25 minutes airborne.

Important Information before you book your flight

Please note, the time shown above is the check-in time for your briefing and not the take off time. Briefings and strap in take approximately 30 minutes. 


When booking morning slots, we strongly recommend you make yourself available for the entire day to allow for unforeseen delays due to weather. 

The booking confirmation e-mail will contain links to two forms which must be completed before your flight pack can be dispatched. 


Please note that due to the nature of these aircraft there are some restrictions on the passengers that we fly. Before proceeding to the booking stage, please take note of the following limitations:

  • Passengers for the Spitfire & Mustang must weigh no more than 225lbs / 102kgs / 16 stone

  • Passengers for the Buchon must weigh no more than 210lbs / 95kgs / 15 stone

  • Passengers for the Tiger Moth must weigh no more than 225lbs / 102kgs / 16 stone

  • Passengers must be aged 18 or over at the time of flight.

  • Passengers must be able to physically fit in the aircraft.

  • Passengers must speak fluent English 

Medical information:

  • Passengers must not be suffering from any illness, allergies or other conditions that may present a risk during flight. Please contact us to discuss anything that may pose an issue before making a booking and we can advise further. This includes, but is not limited to, any passengers who suffer from epilepsy, TIA, stroke, or any heart/lung conditions.  Passengers must not be recovering from any operations, be completely mobile and require no medical aid. Passengers must not suffer from psychiatric conditions.


All passengers will be required to sign a Health form. 


Failure to declare any conditions which could affect your flight may result in refusal to fly and an admin charge being deducted from your refund. 

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