When you think of a bi-plane, the chances are it's the Tiger Moth that springs to mind. Thousands of these simple two seat training aircraft were built during the 1930's for use by the Royal Air Force as initial training aircraft. Designed by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, and built by the legendary de Havilland Aircraft aircraft company, the type quickly became a commercial success. With orders from over 25 different nations, construction occupied most of the companies production capacity for several years.

The Tiger Moth is perhaps best known as the aircraft that trained 'The Few'. Those legendary men of RAF Fighter Command who held the numerically superior Luftwaffe at bay during the hardest days of the Battle of Britain. The RAF found the Tiger Moth's handling ideal for training future fighter pilots. Generally docile and forgiving in the normal flight phases encountered during initial training, when used for aerobatic and formation training the Tiger Moth required definite skill and concentration to perform well.

open cockpit flying


Ultimate Warbird Flights are delighted to be able to offer flights in Tiger Moth G-ANTE, a beautifully restored 1941 example of the type now operated from Sywell Aerodrome. 

A Flight in the Tiger Moth is totally different experience to any other. With it's open cockpit you can feel the rush of the wind, the sound of the engine, and the buzz of the wires as you amble serenly through the skies. 

Donning your googles and flying jacket, you will get the full open cockpit flying experience when you climb aboard the Tiger. 





Tiger Moth Flights are available from Sywell Aerodrome, in association with the Thomas Castle Aviation Trust

From £125


Your Tiger Moth experience includes:

Comprehensive Pre-Flight briefing with your pilot

10 Minute Flight* in Tiger Moth G-ANTE

*10 Minute flight time is from take off to Landing and does not include strap in & taxi time.

To check availability and book, please call 01604 500 570

+44 (0)1604 800 570

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