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North Amercian T-28 Trojan

The North America T-28 was designed just after WWII primarily as a trainer for the F-86 Sabre but also proved itself to be a potent counter-insurgency and ground attack platform during the Vietnam War.

The aircraft has remarkable performance, very similar to the P-51 Mustang, and tremendous handling characteristics. Its primary asset, however, is unquestionably the view from the cockpits; with a high seating position and large canopies you really can see everything!

This particular aircraft was originally built as a T-28A and used briefly by the USAF for training, it was then placed in storage until purchased by the French Armee de L’Air and converted to a “Fennec” with a larger Wright 1820 engine. The aircraft saw active service in the Algerian war before being sold into the civilian world.

The rear cockpit has a complete set of controls and instruments enabling us to offer a complete flight experience for our passengers.

Aircraft type: North American T-28A

Year of Manufacture: 1951

Powered by: Wright 1820-86B

Colour scheme: USAF


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