A new experience for 2019, we are now offering the opportunity to fly alongside and photograph some of the most iconic and unique World War II fighter aircraft flying today. 

With our fly alongside experiences, you will have the chance to take air to air photos of aircraft including the mighty P-47D Thunderbolt, the iconic P-51D Mustang and the ultimate WWII warbird, Supermarine Spitfire ML407. 

As you fly in the comfort of the Beechcraft King Air, your fighter escort will manouvere around the camera ship to give all passengers the chance to get the perfect photo. 

Photo: John M. Dibbs



For the fly alongside portion of the experience, you will be seated in a Beechcraft BE200 King Air along with up to 7 other passengers. You will be airborne for 20 minutes with the formation aircraft joining up as soon as possible to maximise the formation aspect of the flight. The fighter will manoeuvre around the King Air to give all passengers the opportunity to photograph the aircraft. 

On the return to Sywell, you will have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the formation aircraft and have any questions you may have by the pilot. Your photo will also be taken with the aircraft and pilot to record the event. 

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to fly alongside and experience these incredible aircraft up close! 

We will be announcing various dates and aircraft throughout the year. 


Call +44 (0)1604 642 058 or Book online: 

Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment


+44 (0)1604 642 058

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